I met my $30,000 goal - but now I NEED to surpass it!!!


I love a challenge, especially when it's for an incredible organization such as Cornerstone - IT FIRES ME UP!!

So, I still need your help!!



I want to be the top National individual fundraiser to be from Northumberland!!

I'm currently in second, and I have until end of day November 11th, to raise the funds necessary to be counted for "Top Individual Fundraiser" (my fundraising page will continue to be active until I get back from my trek, so please continue to donate!).

There is nothing I would be more proud of, than being a small-town gal, from Northumberland County, as the gal who raised the most for her women's shelter.

My last ask, is for you to help me get there!!  November 11th, is deadline - so a couple more rabbits need to be pulled from my hat!!

It has been life-changing year - thank you SO SO SO much for all of your support!!


Operating at a 127% shelter occupancy rate, Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre is unfortunately turning away more women and children than ever before.  Over 100 women seeking shelter were unable to be admitted in the last year, being referred to external services as the only other option.  Lack of space and funding is sadly the case.

For 5 straight days, this November, I will be hiking across the Sahara Desert with colleagues from Royal LePage offices across Canada; each of us raising money for our local women’s shelters. 

We will spend up to 7 hours a day walking across the hot and dry desert climate, with temperatures dropping considerably at night. We will be sleeping in large group tents, using camping-style bathroom facilities (lord help me), and going without electricity, cell service (this will be my greatest test!) and the other comforts of home. Each dollar I raise and every step I take, will make it easier for women and children in our community to walk safely away from violence.

* Know that every dollar you donate goes right back to the cause.  I am covering all of my own travelling costs.


Cornerstone supported over 2600 women, children and youth in 2018.

Please consider supporting Linz in her

fundraising efforts.

Question for Linz? Send it along!
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