Linz's Purcell Mountains Challenge for Shelter Fundraising Page

I'm hiking 100kms in the Northern Purcell Mountains in British Columbia this August,

in support of Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre in Northumberland County.

With your support, we can help local women and youth feel safer in their homes.


Women’s shelters in Canada need our support now more than ever.


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increases in the incidence and severity of domestic violence while at the same time countless fundraising events in both 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled.

Domestic violence has increased by 30% due to Covid-19


Last year, in Ontario, a women or child was killed by a man known to them, every 11 days


1 in 3 Canadian women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime



While most of us are slowly preparing for a return to normalcy, we cannot forget that there isn’t a vaccine for domestic violence. Shelters need our support so that they can continue their life-saving and life-changing work.


While we know difficult days are still ahead, we feel that given the trajectory of Canada’s COVID-19 recovery, we will be able to gather safely for small-group hiking in Canada this August. In doing so, we hope to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for this important cause.


We will follow developments in Canada’s COVID-19 recovery closely and adhere to all provincial and federal laws and travel advisories.


Fundraising for our local women's shelters is our primary goal; we will only hike if it is safe to do so. 

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For 6 straight days, this August, I will join a select group of like-minded Royal LePage professionals from across the nation, where we will trek across some of Canada's most majestic and rugged terrain in the Purcell Mountains, of British Columbia. 

During this adventure, we will hike long days while carrying all our own gear and food on our backs, go without cell service, and give up many comforts of home. This trek will not be easy but it will be immensely worthwhile. Each step we take and every dollar we raise will support courageous women and children in finding safety and building lives free from abuse.

To participate, I must raise $5,000 in support of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation which will fund Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre as well as domestic violence prevention programs across the country. But my hope is to raise much more than that.

Every dollar that is donated, goes directly to the cause. I pay for all of my own travel, insurance and participation expenses.

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Cornerstone Stats: April '20-April '21

Crisis Calls:  1215

In Shelter: 48 women and 28 children

Housing Resources: 95

Community Counselling: 195 women/30 children

(women who require counselling but not shelter)

Family Court Support: 67

It costs approx $125 to provide one night of shelter for a woman or child and Cornerstone has provided over 3500 nights this year

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Sahara Desert Challenge for Shelter

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